More Interesting Results

Thank you again for the many responses over the last few weeks. According to the data, there are basically 4 groups of players answering the survey questions.

Group 1.  Novice golfers who are learning the physical skills needed to hit the ball proficiently.  These are players who are taking lessons and learning all aspects of the game.

Group 2.   Experienced players who have one area of their game that is holding them back, like chipping or short putts. Some said the driver was a problem, causing them to have some high scores.

Group 3.  Avid, experienced players who are passionate about the game, but are not performing as well as they would like to.  These are golfers who practice frequently and play often but seldom hit the ball as well on the golf course as they do on the driving range.

Group 4.  This is by far the smallest group, who usually hit the ball as good on the golf course as they do on the range. They are devoted to their process, to playing the game and working on their short games. These players are also the ones having the most fun playing golf and are consistent in their scoring.  These players are also very resistant to change.

When I read through the responses from these 4 groups, it was very evident that the golfers in Group 3 are the most frustrated and yet very capable of playing good golf. They have the skill needed to hit the ball well, but they are under-performing.  They play 9 holes well, then 9 holes poorly.  One day is amazing, the next is dreadful.

Going back to our theme from the recent surveys, all golfers will benefit from working on their pre-shot routines, but the ones in Group 3 will benefit the most from this type of practice.  From the survey data, Group 3 simply does not have the pre-shot on their radar. They are looking for the secret to the swing more than anything else. They are quick to try different swing ideas or theories and will often change something in their game in order to find the elusive secret.  They love to hit balls and experiement with new ideas, but all this switching and changing is their downfall. They must adopt a new mindset toward practice and play in order to perform well consistently.

The golfers in Group 1 need more skill in order for their routines to be of great benefit.  Group 2 needs to address their weak area and gain skill in that area, while developing their routine along the way.  Group 4 is the marquee group, players who understand the value of a proven process and use their routine use it on a regular, habitual basis.  

That said, at this moment, which group are you in? 

Best Regards,