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I've been surveying many of my students lately, asking about their golf frustrations.  So far, the answers to my survey questions have been centered around a lack of consistency or some kind of swing flaw.  A few students said they were frustrated with their level of concentration or mental game, but most are looking for solutions to their technique issues.

For more than 25 years I have been helping golfer fix their swings and play better golf.  I've worked with several PGA Tour players and hundreds of avid golfers, and the most consistent performers have a balanced approach to their game and their practice.  They have a plan and a commitment to their routines, both in what they practice and in using their pre-shot routine on the driving range.

They all do things a little bit differently and they do work  on their golf swings but they are incredibly routine oriented in practice and on the golf course. Jack Nicklaus said " There are plenty of fellows here who hit the ball better than I do.  To beat them I have to out-prepare them. That is the only advantage I have."  He also said "  I would go so far as to say that on at least half of my best scoring rounds, my golf wasn't especially brilliant."  Those are amazing statements which point to a focus on process and routine as a means to a favorable outcome, rather than a focus placed solely on technique.

In order for you to play well consistently, or at least to play to your handicap consistently, you need to balance out your time so that you are intentionally practicing your swing, short game and pre-shot routine / mental game with equal focus.

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P.S.  In upcoming posts I will help you with this process and give you some ideas for how to balance out your practice time.  Also, if you have a few minutes, please let me know your thoughts or opinions and once again thank you for participating.

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