Why Do Golfers Like Swing Methods?

I have discussed in earlier posts that I am not fond of method teaching.  By method, I mean teaching the exact same lesson or swing technique to every golfer.  We are all different in terms of skill level, physical shape, size and ability and to me it seems impossible that there is one magic formula for all players.  

But if method teaching is not good idea, why is it so popular?  Every golf season we see new methods enter the golf arena.  They make a big splash, and then after a few months, or possibly a couple years they are gone.  How does this happen and why does it happen?

It happens, primarily, because golfers want to learn a swing that is based on a formula or a prescribed set of movements that if executed correctly, will allow them to hit perfect shots every time.  Golfers want the "secret" or the quick fix that will cure their bad shots forever.  That is why they jump around from coach to coach and try all kinds of swing thoughts and tips, desperately trying to find the magic pill.

If you really want to fix your swing and find that elusive consistency, then start by observing your ball flight and which clubs you hit well and which clubs are your nemesis.  This will get you started down the road to success and then find a coach who teaches individualized lessons.  Teachers who don't teach you their swing preferences but rather help you improve your impact and ball flight will get you on the right track and keep you on track.  

So if you are battling your swing, and you find yourself frequently buying in to the newest swing fad, change your mentality and start thinking about making real and lasting progress.  Learn why your ball goes where it goes and then work backward to find the adjustments needed to make your swing work well day in and day out.



Mike Wilson