Divots Don't Lie - Contrary to What You Might Have Heard

I am often asked if the divot your make, or don't make, matter as to where the ball goes.  My definitive answer is YES, divots do matter.  If you slice the golf ball or hit shots that curve a great deal from left to right,  then you will have divots that are pointed left of your target.  The divots will also be deep and there will be lots of turf flying after you make contact with the ball.  To cure your slice you must somehow straighten out that left divot and learn how drop the club down and attack the ball more from the inside.

If you divot is pointed well to the right or if you sometimes have no divot at all, then you are someone who hits pushes and hooks.  Your ball goes right and stays out to right or it curves from right to left. To cure your ball flight you must learn to make a straighter divot or even a divot that goes slightly to the left, which is ideal.

Golfers who are excellent drivers of the ball will make very shallow divots with their irons and their divots will usually be pointed out the right.  They are generally good wedge players as well. Good iron players will have divots pointed slightly to the left.  It is rare that a player is both a good iron player and driver the ball because most swings have their main fault suited to either driving success or irons success.

If you have not been paying attention to your divots, starting looking at the direction of the divot and remember how this relates to ball flight.  This will help you get your swing back on the right track.

Mike Wilson