Do Rounded or Flat Swings Really Work?

What do Jack Nicklaus' swing and Ben Hogan's swing have in common?  Not looks, that's for sure!  They are certainly effective, but by looks they are very different.  Nicklaus' swing was very upright and Hogan's was very flat.  Of the older era, Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino and Gary Player had rounded swings. They were great drivers of the ball and amazing wedge players. So in a word, yes, rounded swings are very effective.  Many of today's top instructors seem to ignore the fact that golf swings can have different shapes or styles and still work great under pressure. Many of today's top palyers like Matt Kuchar, Rory McIloy, Michelle Wie and others have rounded swings.  They tend to bend forward more at address and swing their arms more around their bodies instead of up and down like Nicklaus.  This allows them to be more of a body player and extremely accurate hitters of the ball.  When you are trying to improve your own game, first determine whether your swing is more upright or rounded and then apply the correct fundamentals to that type of swing.  This approach will lead you to less confusion and more consistency.