A Faulty Approach - Pro vs. Amateur Swing Analysis

Going back to the late 80's when video instruction became popular, a common way to teach lessons was to do an on-screen comparison of the student vs. a tour pro.  The instructor would point out all the areas where the amateur was not looking like the pro and how these differences were the reasons why he was not a consistent golfer.   The student was then given instruction and as to how to copy these positions and their overall player progress was graded on the look of the swing more than on the effectiveness of the swing.  In short, an entire generation of golfers learned how to make swings that looked good on video but didn't always function well.  Fortunately, with the help of Jim Hardy and other good teachers, the instruction community is moving back toward lessons that teach impact and ball flight and making a swings effective, not just aesthetically pleasing.  In your own golfing world, think about the most consistent player you know, or a group of players whose games you know well.  In that group you will always find a very good player, one who is consistent and plays well in tournaments,  who uses a strange-looking but effective swing. More over, if swing had to look good to work well, then many players like Arnold Palmer, Lee Trevino, Jim Furyk, Tommy Gainey, J.B. Holmes and other would be in big touble.