Do Upright Swings Really Work?

Teaching legend Jim Hardy is known for saying that all golf swings fall into one of two categories, upright (2 Plane ) or rounded (1 Plane ) .  I certainly agree, and within the two groups are many different variations.  For this post I will focus on upright swings, like those used by Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, or Bubba Watson which are very rhythmical, arm dominant swings and incredibly effective.  All three stand tall to the ball, swing their arms high in the air, and are very powerful hitters of the golf ball.  They have different tempos, and different rhythms, but all have great timing and balance.  Today the word "timing" is used in a negative way by most golfers because say that they don't want a swing that is timing based or has to rely on timing to be effective.  I agree that if you are trying to hit straight shots with this technique then the timing would certainly be hard to reproduce, but if you are playing fades and draws then this technique is really quite easy to control. Jack Nicklaus played a fade and Tom Watson played a draw.  Bubba Watson plays a fade or a draw depending on the shot.  Since these three golfing greats know that it is nearly impossible to hit a straight ball predictably with this swing, they don't even try. They stay in control by always curving the ball and working the ball toward their intended target or away from trouble, depending on the situation.