Need Better Chipping? Improve Today by Avoiding These 2 Common Mistakes

To become a great chipper you must understand how the address position affects your ability to create solid contact with the ball.  Without solid contact it is virtually impossible to become a consistently good chipper.

Mistake #1 - Stance Too Open

The first mistake to avoid is having your stance too open at address. For right-handed golfers, this means aiming your feet well left of your target. (see photo below)  The trouble encountered when using an extremely open stance is that your club will tend to bottom out behind the ball causing poor contact, namely thin and fat shots.  Conversely, a slightly open stance will not adversely affect the low point of the swing and, at the same time, help you hit the ball directly down your target line. 


Mistake #2 - Handle too far forward at address

The second common mistake is pressing the handle of the club too far forward at address which has been a prescribed method for years. This starting position is problematic because if you press the handle too far forward, the leading edge of the wedge will tip downward and dig into the ground at impact. This causes chunked chip shots and/or poor contact.  


A proper chipping set up will have the handle positioned slightly forward at address but not so far forward that the club will dig or get caught in the ground during the swing.  In the future, be sure to avoid these 2 common mistakes to make your chipping a consistent and reliable part of your short game.

Thank you and have a great week,

- Mike