Eye Dominance and Selecting a Putter - Which Eye is Your Dominant Eye?

(For this blog post I'm describing right-handed golfers who are putting using right-handed putters.  If you are left-handed please reverse the terminology)

Putting woes can be extremely frustrating, especially if your are missing short putts due to faulty alignment. One simple test can help you get to the root of your aiming troubles and back on track to making more putts.  

(Please watch the video below and find out if you are right or left eye dominant.) 

If you are putting right-handed, and your right eye is dominant, then you are what we call a "rear eye" dominant golfer because the eye that is farthest from the cup is your dominant eye. Golfers who are rear eye dominant tend to mis-aim their putts to the right when they are using a standard off-set putter.  The off-set nature of this putter confuses the dominant right eye causing faulty aim.  

However, if they will use a straight hosel putter, their aim will be true and they will be more accurate day in and day out.  Most golfers do not like the look of a straight hosel putter, but trust me, if you are right eye dominant and right handed, you are at a severe disadvantage if you are using a standard off-set style putter.

( If you want to see a selection of straight hosel putters go to www.AshdonGolf.com.  The owner Ron Pritchett is a teacher-turned golf club maker who has done immense research in the area of alignment and eye dominance.)

If you are right-handed and left eye dominant like Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods, then the off-set style putter is great for you and your ability to aim is usually better than the rear eye dominant player.

Have a great week,