Modern Golf Instruction - Video Analysis

As golf instruction exploded in the 1980's and 90's, there was a huge shift in the way golf was taught.  The reason...the video camera.  Teachers and players no longer had to rely on feel and guess work, they could now see exactly what happening in the swing.

This new detailed study of the swing, or Video Analysis, would lead many teachers to focusing on positions and movements rather than on impact and ball flight. Teachers became fascinated with the look of a golf swing while ignoring the functionality of the swing.  As many golfers found out through bad lessons, a teacher's preference is not as important as how a swing works.  In other words, an ugly, repeating swing can be effective while a beautiful looking swing may not be effective at all.

Focusing on the look of a swing or on a swing method became a negative in the world of golf, because many of golfs most avid players were turned away from the game due to poor play and a mistrust of the teaching community.  Even today, many golfers  shy away from lessons because of a negative experience in the past and instruction that actually made them play worse rather than better.  As I continue to write this Blog I will cover as many teachers and theories as possible and provide some positive criticism of each method.  And don't get me wrong, every method has helped golfers, but every golfers is unique and needs to have instruction that is customized to his or her strengths and weaknesses.

More to come...