About Mike Wilson Golf

I envisioned myself becoming a golf instructor all the way back to high school.  I invested countless hours on the driving range trying to figure out my golf swing copying Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and later Ben Hogan.  My search was endless and even though I had many ups and downs and false "I got it" moments, in the back of my mind I knew that all my experimenting would someday benefit someone, if not myself.

Like many of my students, certain parts of the game were a mystery to me, most notably the short game.  It seemed that no matter how much I practiced, I just didn't improve.  I tried the normal chipping and putting methods, but my gains were slow and my performance inconsistent.  Luckily, as time went on, I was able to learn many amazing truths of the short game while coaching on the PGA Tour.  Today, I consider my short game to be an asset and I love sharing what I have learned over the years with players who are struggling with their, chipping, pitching, putting or sand play.

For the last 26 years my career passion has been to help golfers enjoy all facets of this amazing game. 21 of those years have been right here in La Quinta where I have been a top rated golf instructor since the late 1990's. I teach players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. Three of my students have won events on the PGA Tour including the Hawaiian Open, Atlanta Classic, John Deere Classic, Westchester Open, Bob Hope Classic, LA Open, Tour Championship and The Masters.

Thank you for visiting my site and if you are struggling with your game please contact me today!  I would be honored to help you improve.