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** Instruction Videos posted below are examples of weekly content

Mike Wilson Golf's Remote Coaching System is designed to help any golfer improve using the latest technology to assist the learning process.  Edufii is the best coaching platform for use with smartphones and tablets and is incredibly fast and easy to use.  When you subscribe you will receive an email inviting you to join the Remote Coaching Training Space.  Follow the directions in the email and then simply download the free App form either the Android or iOS app stores to receive content and video instruction.


Subscription Options:

Option 1  $9.95/mo.

(Remote Coaching Weekly Content)

You will receive weekly instruction content sent directly the Edufii app on your smartphone or tablet.  Weekly content will include advice on all areas of the game and will be sent to you in the forms of video and/or written text.  These tips will run in a 4-week sequence so that each month you will receive instruction designed to help a specific area of your game.



Option 2   $29.95/mo.

This Remote Coaching program is designed to be completely interactive whereby you can upload as many swing videos, still photos or comments as you like each month, which I will analyze up to twice per month. My analysis of your swing or short game will be sent to your Edufii app so that all of your golf information will be stored in one location and will accessible to you at all times.  My goal in creating this program is to help you remember your main problem areas and to help you improve throughout the year.  

In addition to your personalized instruction program, you will also receive all of the weekly tips that are included in Option 1.

If you have any questions about Remote Coaching simply send an email to:  mwgolf@gmail.com. 

I am happy to help you get started.    -  Mike Wilson